Olivia Reynolds

Olivia Reynolds

Lobe Block Founder & Manager

Olivia built Lobe Block with a 100% credit from the GLS Bank. Now, she runs it. In her own words:

“It's important to me that the future of Lobe Block is directed more in the direction of community and climate change. Presently, the team is working on a new plant-based food space. Lobe Block already has a garden with animals and has hosted many events, such as the climate weekend plan A+ and several sustainable design days. We have also had permaculture worm workshops and an outdoor art show. We want more people to come and hang out in our garden and talk to the chickens. We hope to create an interesting place that makes Wedding and Berlin that little bit better. We also want to be more than just an architectural landmark. We aim to become a hub that improves society. I am open to people using Lobe Block in many different ways and welcome fresh energy in.”

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Project Presentations 7. Dezember 2021
19:30 - 21:00

Project Presentations: Social Sustainability

Das Baumhaus