Olea Morris

Olea Morris

Environmental Anthropologist

Olea is originally from the Washington DC area, and has been in and around Berlin since 2015. She studied art history and anthropology in the U.S., and has worked in alternative agriculture projects and ecological communities around the world.

Right now she’s a PhD candidate at Central European University in Vienna, where she’s finishing her dissertation. It’s called “Communing with Others: More-Than-Human Assemblages in Mexican Ecovillages,” and will be published (fingers crossed!) in May 2022.

Olea always shares kombucha SCOBYs and vegetarian recipes, and enjoys vermicomposting in her spare time.

All Sessions by Olea Morris

Teach-In 19. Oktober 2021
19:30 - 21:00

Building a Culture of Sustainability? Lessons from Eco-Communities with Olea Morris

Das Baumhaus