Liz Eve

Liz Eve

Communication Specialist, Photographer & Permaculture Designer

Liz trained in permaculture and food forest design and became part of the Feld Food Forest, helping with communication. She studied psychology and photography. Liz is interested in what motivates people to connect with our natural environment and with the topic of climate change. As part of her business, she photographs and writes articles on sustainable architecture.

Liz is currently working on a book with Cafe Botanico in Berlin. The Botanico Year Book project will be a visual repository on forest gardening, food, plants and soil.

All Sessions by Liz Eve

Teach-In 10. August 2021
19:00 - 21:00

Teach-In: Learn How to Test Your Local Soil & Be Part of a Collective Berlin Mapping Experience

Panke Culture | Outdoor Area (Hof V, Gerichtstraße 23, 13347 Berlin)